I believe artist's books are an intimate means to convey parts of a story, or to reveal secrets to the viewer.
I rarely produce multiple editions; all of the selected works below are unique pieces, unless otherwise noted.
For pricing information, please inquire using the contact form.
31 Revolutions Around the Sun (graphite and ink on vellum), 2020
Untitled I-IV (Xerox prints of hair, yellow 'map,' poly sleeve), 2020, edition of 4
He's in Lille (Xerox prints on vellum and paper, black linen hardcover), 2021
collaborative artist's books using poetry by Emily Dickinson and Laura Scialdone
15 Seconds (collaged Xerox prints, charcoal, graphite), 2021
Overheard/Underheard (ink and graphite on paper), 2020
Will you hold hands with me? (Liquid Light emulsion, graphite, black linen hardcover)
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